Fanavaran Shabake Varze Parsa branded as "ParsaTech" has been founded in 2017 with the vision of designing and developing comprehensive solutions in the fields of Multimedia Networks/Systems and Internet of Things (IoT). The first mission of ParsaTech is addressing the market concerns, in Iran and all around the Globe.

Fields of Activities

Multimedia Systems and Networks

Nowadays, with the increasing growth of networks and the Internet, users show more appetency to receive special services on this platform. Users at anytime and anywhere, using cellular data networks or wireless communications, can connect to the Internet with good speed and bandwidth and receive services according to their location. One of the services that has been welcomed in recent years, thanks to increasing bandwidth and Internet access, is multimedia service which includes provision of all types of multimedia content such as video, audio, image, games and books on the Internet. Such services can be used for various businesses in areas such as entertainment and education. ParsaTech with a technical team and long-term experience in designing and developing in multimedia systems and networks have enough technical potential to run related projects in these fields.

Internet of Things

The general idea of Internet of Things (IoT) is receiving, storing and sending information from environment in order to analyze and finally provide better and more intelligent services to the final users. Technical architecture of IoT contains four general layers: (1) Hardware: sensors, gateways, and actuators. (2) Communication Network: LPWAN technologies (such as NB-IoT, LoRa, and SigFox) in access layer and IP-based technologies in core layer. (3) Cloud platform: an infrastructure for gathering and analyzing data of sensors. (4) Applications. ParsaTech is ready to provide educational, consultation and supervision IoT services in all these layers. In terms of product design, the focus of company is on developing the cloud platform layer.

Our Products

a Digital Signage Software Solution

PiNOTE is ParsaTech’s digital signage software solution which uses display technologies such as LCD/LED to show display data including images, videos, audio files and digital information. It can be found in public spaces, hospitals, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate buildings. More information is available at

IPTV/OTT Solution

PiNAMA is ParsaTech’s comprehensive IPTV/OTT solution which enables broadband Internet providers expand their IPTV offering by adding OTT products to their portfolio thus keeping up with requirements of today’s customers.  Some of the features of PiNAMA are Playback of different types of multimedia contents, 360-degree virtual reality video player, Music on Demand (MOD), Video on Demand (VOD), Live Channels, Value Added Services (VAS). The target markets of PiNAMA are Hotels, Hospitals, Educational centers, Banks, Restaurants and coffee shops, Public transportation including buses and special taxis, Residential and office buildings. More information is available at

an IoT Cloud Platform

PiHUB is ParsaTech’s IoT cloud platform which is a set of fully managed and integrated services that allow you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest IoT data from globally dispersed devices at a large scale, process and analyze/visualize that data in real time, and implement operational changes and take actions as needed. With our platform in place you’ll have everything you need to: (i) Manage your network of sensors and devices, (ii) Send, receive, collect, store and analyze the data they generate, (iii) Turn that data into actionable insights in real time. More information is available at

Contact Us

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